Higher-Education-Consulting-PerspectiveMany of our prospective clients have long and distinguished histories. They have adapted to the effects of depressions, wars, major demographic changes, political initiatives and changes in public attitudes. Higher education leaders of the future will be confronted by increasingly complex challenges that call into question years of operating assumptions and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. Among these challenges are:

  • Increased competition from an expanded set of higher education providers
  • The changing ability of families to pay for college
  • The perceived value of higher education
  • A changing regulatory and political environment
  • Evolving delivery models and technology applications
  • Increasing demand for better educated graduates

Successful college and university leaders will embrace these challenges, rethink their strategies and the operational assumptions held over many decades. Institutions that recognize and address these changes will be better positioned to compete in a world of increasing competition, changing student demographics and economic uncertainty.

Templeton Laird partners with leaders to creatively address these realities and strengthen institutions for the future.



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