Higher-education-strengthen-institutionsPractical Solutions To Strengthen Institutions

At Templeton Laird we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing the challenges facing institutions today and well into the future. But Templeton Laird has developed a unique, customized and data-driven approach to address the impact of specific challenges on each institution.

Our objective perspective helps senior leadership develop a holistic view of the challenges they face, understand unique aspects of their students and the communities in which they serve and identify opportunities to position the institution for continued success.

Our customized and focused approach provides analysis, insight and perspectives that empower senior leaders to make informed and comprehensive opportunistic choices that are vital to the long term well-being of their institution.


Solving Problems Together

We have designed our process to be a partnership because we believe your team should be the primary leader of the process and steward of the outcomes. Templeton Laird strives to empower leadership to think through the challenges they face, not to provide a template solution that leaves institutions dependent on Templeton Laird for ongoing strategy and implementation. The combination of institutional leadership and external perspective is a partnership, which should result in strategic positioning and opportunistic initiatives that increase success.


The Templeton Laird Process

Templeton Laird guides leaders through a three step process to develop a researched view of their institution, identify key issues and think through potential solutions to their unique challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to position the institution to maximize its success for the next generation of students.



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